Sunday, February 1, 2015

Become an Army of One

We need an army of people trained by the Center for Self Governance, principled in the 28 Principles of Liberty as outlined in the 5,000 Year Leap book by Cleon Skousen and taking action by winning central committee seats in both parties.

There are too many politicians as opposed to statesmen running our country for their own personal self-interests. That is why they have created laws that they do not have to abide by, and tax loop holes just for them and who make careers out of micro managing us by unaccountable bureaucrats.

These temporary elected office holders are accountable to no one when central committee people are unprincipled, undisciplined, uneducated and are afraid to write letters of censure when their elected officials are misbehaving. These central committee members do not realize they hold the seat to the most powerful office in the land, the central committee seat.

 Mistakenly many central committee members believe their job is to raise funds and support whoever wins the primary while supporting no one in the primary to begin with. So that is how you get people like John McCain in high office. It is also how the Republican Party doesn't understand what a Republic is. It is also how you get elected officials who do not follow the party platform in any way. It is how you have gotten "progressives" in key positions at every level of the Republican Party.

 If you seriously want to take the country back it will not be just by winning the congress, senate and the office of president. It must be by a grassroots army of constitutional savvy Robert Rules of Order warriors who know the constitution, and own the central committees from the chairman down. (Interesting factoid: 50% of all county central committee seats go unfilled.)

Want to get started taking back your country? It is as easy as 1, 2, 3. First realize that anything you do not know is waiting for you on the internet. There is nothing that needs to be unknowable. YouTube is a great resource. There are people teaching classes on the constitution, Roberts Rules of Order and the history on how we got where we are.

Your most important thing to do is know the 28 Principles of Liberty by heart. When you do, you will be able to spot like-minded people, politicians, proposed legislation and be able to automatically know the right thing to do as a committee-person and citizen activist. You will also be able to spot bad laws and phony "conservatives".

Second most important thing to do is create a list of 100 like-minded people that are willing to learn the 28 Principles of Liberty. That way when you must tell your legislator to do or not do something you can do it with 100 voices. This project may take some time but it is the most important project you can do.
Third, most important thing is to get these like-minded people to take action by running for central committee seats.

All of this can be simple, easy and fun.

The most powerful tool you can own is a smart phone. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note II which is more powerful than a desk top or lap top computer.

There are Apps you can get that are not available on a Windows computer. With a smart phone you can multitask, time shift plus leverage time, money and effort more than any device I know. You will always be able to fill idle time with taking back the country time. Waiting in line for something is now a great patriotic opportunity.

 When shopping for a new phone I suggest PhoneScoop . There you can compare 5 different phones, feature by feature. If you don't know what the feature is, you can click on it and it will tell you.  
Right now Verizon, AT&T and Sprint are having a pricing war and now is the time to get a great phone with a good plan.

Here are just some of the things I can do with my phone: talk to people, text, e-mail, Facebook, Tweet, capture anything I see in my display, broadcast e-mail or text, use as an MP3 recorder or video recorder, have my phone read to me, schedule events that my phone reminds me of, watch Netflix, create e-fliers, morph photos, create a contact list categorized by groups, location and interests. I can also use it as a GPS which is very handy when going to new meeting places or speaking engagements. It can also function as a WIFI hotspot. All of this fits in the palm of my hand and can be carried in my shirt pocket.

 Another tip is to try to get your patriot friends to upgrade at the same time you do. That way you can teach each other about new Apps and phone features etc. 

 If you want to be an Army of One, I suggest you get a smart phone.

One last tip, never be afraid to ask questions, about your next step, how to make your phone do something or what the latest App is. Any patriot worth their salt has been where you are at and has had the same questions.  

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